6 Qualities the Best Bank for Small Business Has

| August 1, 2022 | By

When you’re looking for a great banking experience as you start your own business venture, you need more than just a good banking partner. 


Ideally, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best bank for small business in Arizona. We understand that might feel like a pipe dream, but that should be the goal.


How do you get there? What qualities should you be looking for? What, specifically, will the best bank for small business in Arizona be able to offer you as you work toward your goals?


Finding a bank you can genuinely partner with can be transformative for your small business. Today, we’ll talk about some specific things the best small business banks in Arizona can bring to the table, so you know exactly what to look for when researching prospective banks in your area! 


Looking for the Best Small Business Banks in Arizona? Check the Fees First

We know that one of the qualities people check for upfront is low or flexible fees. 


Not only is this intuitive, but it’s also been confirmed through research. For example, one firm surveyed small businesses, asking them to rate the importance of various attributes of their community branches (e.g., location, expertise, technology, service, and fees). 


Consistently, respondents placed the most emphasis on prices. And we understand that. 


The thing is, many small business banks seem to think that lets them off the hook. If people care the most about fees, these banks reason, then they’ll just slash fees and call it a day without investing much into other services or customer care. At these banks, you may not pay much to open an account; but you probably won’t get much else out of the relationship. 


The best community banks in Arizona will offer competitive fees—and so much more. 


Beyond the Fees: 6 Qualities to Look for in Small Business Banking

When you’re partnering with a small business bank in Arizona, keep an eye out for the following perks.


1. Flexible Banking Options

Small business banks look for ways to reduce stressors when it comes to your savings, your investments, and your retirement. These may include intuitive, online, or paperless methods to access accounts and manage your money, no matter where you are and what your preferences may be.


2. Personalized Service

An undeniable perk that many small community banks (and the best banks for small business in Arizona!) offer is ultra-tailored financial services. They know who you are, the market you’re working with, and who your clients may be. This helps them cater their suggestions to your unique circumstances. 


3. Proven Track Record

With a community bank, you can check local references. Thinking about checking out a local small business bank? See if the small businesses in your area use the same bank, and learn about their experiences! 


4. Banking Teams Who Know You Personally

Whether you’re simply depositing funds or looking for specific financial advice, it’s always lovely to work with a bank that treats you like more than just a number. You’ll walk into your bank and recognize the teller’s face—and feel like they know your name without having to look it up first!  


5. Familiarity with the Small Business Loan Process

Securing the funds you need to grow your small business can be exhausting and highly complex. If the staff at your local community bank has a solid grasp on getting approved for a loan, they’ll be able to guide you through the process with much less stress—and, likely, far more successfully. 


6. The Ability to Make Quick Decisions

When small businesses work with larger national banks, they’re often met with inflexible deadlines or the need to wait days or weeks for approvals across multiple time zones. If you choose to work with a local community bank for your small business banking needs, you may find that everyone required to make a timely decision works down the hall from each other! 


BNC National Bank Offers the Perks of Small Business Banking

Whether you’re most excited about flexible fees or flexible decision-making, a great small business bank will have specific qualities uniquely suited to help you and your small business succeed. 

At BNC National Bank, our team is proud to offer you a helpful, supportive, above-and-beyond banking relationship. 

We’ll start now: If you need a handy guide to the questions you should ask when looking for a small business bank, we’ve put one together for you. Starting to stress about the complexities of qualifying for a small business loan? We’ve got you covered there, too. 

Regardless of your small business needs, our bank is ready to help you—no matter what. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Speak to one of our team members today!