Bigger Isn't Always Better: The Perks That Small Business Banks Bring

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Although working with a big national bank may come with some benefits, local small business banks often offer even bigger perks. 


If you’re a small business owner, you know that navigating your finances can be stressful. Money should be a tool you can use to grow your company and accomplish your goals, but it may often seem that finance management is standing in your way. Partnering with a smaller bank that gives you undivided attention, focused expertise, and personal perks can do more than make that job much easier. 


Working with small business banks can help you and your team thrive. 


Here’s what you can expect when working with a small business bank—and how to ensure you find the best small business bank for you! 


The Big Benefits of Small Business Banks 

When small business owners work with a local community bank, they often enjoy valuable support that more extensive institutions don’t have the bandwidth to provide. 


If you’re excited about experiencing the perks of small business banking, here’s a short list of the services to keep in mind: 


1. Small business banks make prompt decisions. 

When small business banks in Arizona need to make decisions, they may not have to reach across time zones to get an answer. Instead, everything your banker requires to offer you lower fees or more flexible schedules could be just down the hall. 


2. Small business banks provide personalized customer service. 

A local bank may be able to offer you more than just prompt, seamless assistance. Your teller or advisor will probably remember your name. Instead of being just a number to your bank, you’ll be a real person, with a real story and real goals. 


3. Small business banks prioritize productive long-term relationships. 

Because your team of bankers and financial advisors know you, your history, and your future goals, they’re better empowered to leverage time, targeted experience, and local awareness to provide customized recommendations and advice.


4. Small business banks exhibit logical, cost-efficient fee structures. 

If you’ve ever worked with a larger bank and felt like you were getting slapped with nonsensical fees left and right, a community bank may stand a better chance of having your back. Small business banks often have the flexibility to waive fees or work with you on reasonable payment schedules. 


5. Small business banks support the local economy! 

Your local community bank may be where your neighbors, fellow business owners, and clients all manage their money. That means that your financial activities (and those of your bank!) directly support your community. As a result, your community bank will be more invested in supporting you and your neighbors, both for the business and on a personal level. 

Are There Other Perks of Small Business Banking? 

Beyond these invaluable aspects of working with a community bank, small business banks in Arizona generally offer a wide range of financial services so everything you need is in one place. 


Whether you’re interested in strategic business savings accounts or want to offer your team unparalleled investment options or retirement planning, your small business bank will be able to help. And because they’re already helping you with other aspects of your business, your banking team will be able to recommend financial services specifically suited to your needs. 


How to Find Small Business Banks That Offer Personalized Perks

When looking for small business banks in Arizona that provide the specific services you need, you should start by seeking a personal connection. After all, how will a community bank provide truly personalized perks if it doesn't see you as a unique person? 


This starts from the very first point of contact. Look for a bank that greets you warmly, gives you time to state what you’re looking for, and listens to what you have to say. That level of service is essential: Small business owners need to know they can rely upon and trust their bankers. 


Once you’ve found a local business bank that you feel comfortable working with, consider asking the following relevant questions about the services you’ll receive: 

  • What services does the bank offer small businesses?
  • Which financial products do they offer, for example, SBA loans? 
  • Will you know your specific banker? 
  • How does the bank support the local community?
  • Does the bank know the local market?
  • Would the bank be poised to grow with your business? 


BNC National Bank Is Ready to Support Your Small Business

Small business banks are uniquely positioned to provide powerful yet personal support for local small businesses. Community banks are ready to provide the perks you need, from logical, cost-efficient, and flexible fee structures to specifically helpful advice and services based on your location. 


BNC National Bank is a personable, flexible financial institution ready to go the extra mile for you and your small business. Ready to learn more about what our small business bank in Arizona can offer you? Speak with a friendly team member today!

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