Travel Safe! How Your Community Bank Protects Your Assets While You're Away

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Before jet-setting on your dream vacation, make sure to check in with your community bank.

The financial team there has tips and tricks to help you travel safe. They’re ready to help make sure that whether you’re sunning on a beach or wintering on the slopes, you can enjoy peace of mind.

Understanding the Role of Community Banks in Travel Safety

Fraud monitoring, multi-factor authentication, robust security measures, and more: Wherever you bank, your bank’s policies and infrastructure allow you to keep your financial information and accounts protected, even as you use your funds in exciting new locations.

That’s not all. Many banks offer travel-safe benefits, advice on managing travel finances, and convenient services perfect for helping you truly kick back and relax.

Community banks tend to take these perks to the next level.

What Sets Community Banks Apart

Community banks offer personalized services influenced by their knowledge of your specific circumstances. Because a community bank’s decision-making might not be as centralized as a larger financial institution, you may experience more flexible deadlines, more direct access, or even faster turnaround times.

All of this can make preparing for travel a lot easier. And that direct, personal connection can be a game-changer if you’re ever in need of speedy financial assistance while you’re out of town.

Specific Measures Taken by Community Banks for Travel Safety

There are many measures your bank can employ to keep you and your assets safe:

  • Robust firewall systems

  • Strictly-enforced encryption protocols

  • Regular security audits

  • Routine vulnerability assessments

  • Trained, capable staff who can spot and respond to cyberthreats

  • Simple yet effective methods for customers like you to strengthen account security, such as multi-factor authentication

As you pack your bags and prep for your trip, you can rest easy knowing that your community bank is working hard to make sure you travel safe.

That’s reason enough to put your trust in a community bank—but are there other travel benefits you can expect when working with your local financial professionals?

Leveraging Digital Banking Services for Secure Travel

Modern banking services like online and mobile banking make life easier for everyone—from business owners to busy students. When you’re traveling, mobile banking isn’t just a nice-to-have—it’s a necessity. Imagine sipping a cappuccino in Rome while keeping a vigilant eye on your accounts back home. Digital banking makes that possible!

Travelers can also benefit from banking services such as:

  • Remote account monitoring, so you can oversee transactions and check balances from anywhere in the world.

  • Instant alerts, so you can be aware of any unauthorized activity within mere moments.

  • Convenient transfers and payments, so you can stay on top of bills no matter where you are.

  • Mobile check deposit, so you can avoid having to visit a physical branch to make deposits.

  • 24/7 access, so you can manage your banking at any time. (Extremely helpful when you’re in a different time zone!)

If you’re looking for more intuitive, convenient ways to manage money when you’re on the move, your community bank likely has a solution for you.

Tips for Using Digital Banking Safely on the Go

When you’re out of town, whether you’re spending a weekend with family or traveling overseas, consider taking the following precautions to increase your security further:

  • Avoid using public Wi-Fi when you’re performing banking transactions. 

  • Whenever possible, use a secure, private connection for any type of financial activity.

  • Update your passwords on a regular basis. (Put a recurring reminder on your calendar to help make this a routine.)

  • Use multi-factor authentication. Setting this up should only take a few minutes, and if you have any questions, you can call your community bank for assistance!

Frequently Asked Questions About Secure Finances While Traveling

How do I keep my money safe while traveling abroad?

To keep your money safe while traveling abroad, avoid carrying large amounts of cash; instead, rely on online and mobile banking. Use credit or debit cards with security features enabled, and monitor your banking activity to see if anything unexpected occurs.

How do I protect my credit card while traveling?

You can protect your card by being cautious at ATMs and covering the keypad while entering your PIN. (Keep your PIN to yourself regardless of your location.)

Do I need to inform the bank when traveling abroad?

It’s a good idea to inform your bank if you’re traveling. This will prevent your bank from mistaking foreign transactions as fraudulent ones. Your bank may freeze your card for security reasons if it doesn’t know you’re responsible for that unusual activity.

How can I protect my information while traveling?

To protect your information while traveling, avoid using public Wi-Fi while managing your finances; instead, opt for secure connections. Enable multi-factor authentication on your accounts, keep your passwords updated, and be extra cautious of any possible phishing scams or odd-looking emails or texts. 

Feel like Getting Ready for Your Next Trip with the Help of Your Community Bank?

If you have an upcoming vacation planned, connect with your community bank before you head out of town. It’ll give you additional peace of mind to know that your finances are safe while you’re gone—and letting your bank know you’ll be out of town can help prevent any account access obstacles.

Interested in learning more about what your community bank can do for you? Contact your team at BNC National Bank to talk about our services today!

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