Giving Back Is the Core of What We Do at BNC National Bank

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Especially if you’re a parent, you’ve probably seen BNC National Bank shaping the local community for the better—whether you realize it or not. 

Since we started, BNC National Bank has been investing time and money into local development, contributing to everything from civic and nonprofit programs to arts, cultural programming, youth sports, and more. 

As a member of our North Dakota and Arizona communities, you may be wondering, “Why does BNC National Bank give back?” and “How does this community involvement affect my banking options?” 

Here are the answers; this is how BNC National Bank is giving back to your community and why small banks may be impacting your community more than you know. 

Why does BNC National Bank invest in the community?

Wondering why community banks are involved with the community? When BNC National Bank and other small community banks give back, they’re investing in local people. They help to fuel local growth because a thriving community means a stronger local economy—and more chances to provide even more beneficial financial services. 

Still, giving back to the local community doesn’t just build up you, your children, and your neighbors. It also helps us deliver better service to the community. Here’s how:


We get to know you.

When BNC National Bank gives back to the community, we don’t just write a check and walk away. We interact with local youth leaders, we attend local games, and we provide support. That means we learn what locals appreciate, making it easier to deliver services the community actually wants.


We understand local community needs. 

What big banks don’t always realize is that different communities benefit from different financial services. People in Los Angeles or San Francisco may hold different priorities and have different financial needs than our local North Dakota and Arizona communities. Simply put, giving back shows us what the local community needs. That way, BNC National Bank is able to deliver financial resources and services that push the community forward. 

We build long-term relationships.

Whenever BNC National Bank is interacting with and giving back to the community, we’re building relationships with you, your family, your kids’ teachers, local coaches, and your neighbors. The deeper these connections are, the easier it is to provide better service and more educational opportunities.

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How is BNC National Bank giving back?

At BNC National Bank, we want to channel our time, money, and energy into the community opportunities that we believe will improve local lives the most. That’s why we give back so much to character-building activities for youth. 

We know today’s youth will form a solid backbone for the community in the future. By supporting local character-building programs, we’re helping youth develop into leaders who will strengthen our communities in the long run. 

Where is BNC National Bank investing the most time, money, and energy? 

Here are a few areas where BNC National Bank is most involved in local North Dakota and Arizona communities:

  • Sports facilities, stadiums, and American Legion fields: Youth sports teach children discipline, teamwork, perseverance, sportsmanship, and other skills that are critical to succeeding in life. It’s why we spend extra money, time, and energy improving local stadiums, ball fields, courts, complexes, and other sports facilities.
  • YMCA projects: The local YMCA has long been laying out resources, facilities, and education to encourage a healthy mind, spirit, and body. As an established nonprofit 501(c)(3) that provides childcare services, sports facilities, educational programs, leadership opportunities, and more, the YMCA is an independent organization we can trust to lift up local youth. 
  • Arts and cultural programming: Arts and cultural programs help young people create, express themselves, find belonging, and learn valuable life lessons. It’s why we give back to art clubs, local cultural events, festivals, and other community enrichment opportunities.

Partner with a bank that cares about you.

BNC National Bank has been giving back to our communities in North Dakota and Arizona for years. Every time we interact with the community, it deepens bonds and motivates us to provide even better financial services and resources. 

Looking for a local community bank that works directly with you and always has your best interests in mind? Whether you need to set up a college fund for your child, plan for retirement, secure funds for your next remodel, nail down a rate that fits your situation, or simply understand your financial options better, BNC National Bank is here to help you succeed. Speak with one of our friendly team members today to see how our local community bank can make a positive difference in your life. 

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